We hope to build a wide network of contributors and interested parties, gathering a broad range of perspectives on Montgomery’s prison poetry and the ways in which it remains relevant to our research, teaching and lived experience to this day. If you would like to contribute a response of please do get in touch!


Dr Adam James Smith (Literature; Lecturer, York St John University), Project Director.

Dr Elodie Duché (History; Lecturer, York St John University)

Dr Jack Mapanjie (Poet, Author and Visiting Professor, York St John University)

Dr Kaley Kramer (Literature; Lecturer, York St John University)

Dr Kimberly Campanello (Creative Writing; Poet and Lecturer, York St John University) 

Dr Sophie Nicholls (Creative Writing; Poet, Author and Senior Lecturer, Teeside University)

Thomas Jonathon Young (Creative Writing; Poet, Author and Student Researcher, York St John University)